an island like no other




Joe Nuzzo

Joe is a professional Dungeon Master and D&D devotee. His parents met each other playing D&D in college and they introduced the game to him when he was 10, and he's been hooked ever since! Since then, Joe’s started his own professional DMing business called Pull the Lever, helped produce D&D Live charity streams, and now co-produces/DMs Second Star To The Right. Joe is beyond excited to have the opportunity to work and play with an all-star cast for SSTTR!


Desirée Strother

Desirée Strother is a woman of many talents, one of which is playing amazing D&D characters. With a professional background in psychology, she loves to explore relationship dynamics, parts of self, and shadow work through her D&D characters. She also loves creating costumes and going down rabbit holes. In preparation for Neverland, she has read three astronomy textbooks and learned how to do space-themed nail art.


Michael Sinclair II

Michael is a professional TTRPG performer out of Washington State. Michael is known for his works with #BlackAFRoundtable, Into The Motherlands, and various TTRPG charity one shots. He currently is on Faeforge Academy podcast and the streaming show Let's Get Wildemount. In real life Michael is a Twitch streamer, Comp Sci Junior, works at a LGS, and is a former Navy Corpsman.


Emily Ervolina

Emily is a producer for TV & podcasts as well as a host, voice actor, role-player, and rumored vampire. Born into a multi-generational theatrical family, Emily has always had thespian blood in their veins — first gracing the professional stage at 9 years old. Nowadays, they lend their flair for the dramatic to a variety of projects including the immersive, anthology TTRPG podcast, 20 Sided Stories.

They are, as always, deeply grateful for the opportunity to Rage.


Andrew Strother

More than anything, Andrew is a lifelong nerd. His love of D&D led him to create and host the ENnie-nominated podcast Roll for Persuasion, and his love of role playing has led him to co-produce and co-star in Second Star to the Right. Andrew has also served as a consultant for various companies in the TTRPG space, and currently works as the Head of Marketing for Dwarven Forge.


Breanna Flaim

Breanna is a Pacific Northwest-based photographer, game master, explorer, and all-around gaming enthusiast. As a cast member for Second Star to the Right: A Neverland Tale, creative producer for The Initiative Order and an ambassador for Jasper’s Game Day, Breanna strives to share her vision and inspire others to explore the vast undiscovered worlds of their imagination.

Also, tell your dog she said hi.



The Dungeon Master

Driving the narrative of this madcap adventure is Dungeon Master Joe Nuzzo. Well-versed in weaving tales of wonder, this veritable wizard of world building will whisk away his players with wild abandon. Only one man knows what lies behind every tree in Neverland, but he'll never tell...

Síofra O'Grimm

The starry-eyed Síofra O’Grimm hails from a small village in the mystic hills of Ireland. A natural explorer, she seeks to uncover  the secrets of the universe! Known for her eccentric connection with the cosmos, she’s star-struck for sure!

Dante McKnight

Dante is a studious wizard of wonder and illusions. McKnight is a dapper young gentleman who loves to wow audiences with his magic almost as much as his sense of style.

Helen Arden

No stranger to dangerous feats and adventurous expeditions, Helen Arden has made a name for herself as a dashing daredevil on the silver screen. The former crown jewel of her majesty’s mystical menagerie has taken Hollywood by storm in the marvelous moving pictures of Fae Film Productions.

Talith d'Merril

Who's that shadow lurking just around the corner?? Talith d’Merril! A rapscallious rogue hailing from Eberron, Talith is one with the wind as he soars through the skies on his captain's airship. But what sort of secrets lie behind his smiling eyes? Only time will tell...

Genevieve Sinclair

New to the London scene, meet the cosmic crystal-gazer Genevieve Sinclair. She's quickly gained the ear of those seeking a vision into their future. While plenty has been said of her, both good and bad, the true motives of this fortune teller are as cloudily as her crystal ball.